European Motorcycle Training Quality Label

High-quality post-licence
motorcycling training programmes

What is the training quality label all about?

The European Motorcycle Training Quality Label helps motorcyclists to identify the best post-licence training programmes in their countries.

The Quality Label is granted to programmes delivered by training schools that have undergone a rigorous and objective evaluation.

This helps us to ensure that you will get only the very best motorcycle training available.


Why is post-licence
training important?

Existing research identifies human behaviour as the most important cause of accidents. Therefore, lifelong and appropriate training is key to preventing road accidents.

From this point of view, voluntary post-licence training is vital since it allows riders to increase their safety awareness, as well as enhance their hazard perception skills.

Post-licence training is recommended for all riders, particularly those who are upgrading to a more powerful vehicle or returning to riding after an extended period of time.

Looking for high-quality
safety training?